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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Shoemaker continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the construction management field through our use of technology. To relay information from our team to all related parties in the easiest and most cost-efficient manner, our communication process is implemented through the latest technology - including a web-based document exchange platform and GoToMeetings. Field-based technology facilitates efficient information sharing such as technology 'kiosks', field tablet PC and/or iPad for viewing drawings/RFI's, and web hosted meetings.


The use of BIM is standard on each of our projects and can have an extensive impact depending on the needs of the project. At minimum, BIM allows the sharing of information in a 'virtual' manner through project models to facilitate collaboration among subcontractors and designers to solve problems encountered during construction. The commitment to a project designed and managed utilizing BIM inherently fosters a more integrated and coordinated approach.


Submittal Exchange is a collaborative online system for exchanging, reviewing, and archiving construction documents and affords all team members the ability to review, discuss, mark-up and approve the same document. It also saves costs incurred to manage a project, both in terms of manpower and expenses. Submittal Exchange allows immediate notification on any RFI's thereby facilitating efficient information sharing.


Applications that allow drawings to be viewed via iPad or tablet promote action and collaboration in the field. The project team can also manage and complete the punchlist quickly by having close communication with the Design Professionals. The ability to identify issues and immediately submit an RFI while in the field saves time and money but more importantly it allows for on-the-spot communication with the team.


A mobile flat screen TV is located in the field where all tradespeople can pull up drawings and hold impromptu meetings to discuss issues and determine solutions in the field. This quick gathering place is conducive for spontaneous "minute-meetings".


The Butz Family of Companies' Immersive Technology Center (ITC) is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art features to help foster a collaborative, immersive environment allowing for analysis of even the tiniest details - from MEP clash detection to placement of light switches.


In conjunction with our use of BIM and our ITC, The Butz Family of Companies also champions the use of virtual reality on many projects. Similar to the ITC, virtual reality with the use of headsets, can help an owner visualize the smallest of details on their project, as if it was right in front of them.


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